Monday, January 26, 2009

Young Manufacturing

I got a Young Manufacturing chrome bolt carrier in the mail today and the thing is a work of art. I am very keen to take it to the range in the near future. Chrome bolts do not appear to be available at this time, so standard bolts will have to do. I am looking forward to getting my AR to the range with this bolt carrier to see how it performs. If the bolt carrier works out with my Micro Best bolts, then I'll definitely recommend it to my customers.

I've also received a Stag bolt and carrier. Nothing too fancy about it. The bolt does not appear to be shot-peened like my Micro Best bolt. Given that, and that Stag is still months away from having any in stock, and I think I'll go with the Micro Best bolts as standard equipment for Bison Armory.

In addition to those goodies, I got some Barnes TSX bullets in 85 grain in order to test rifle function with fast powders and light bullets. I have been informed of issues with the Ko-Tonics/Cardinal Armory 20" barrels having problems with these loads with the rifle-length gas tube. We will see how the intermediate length gas system works with these loads. Conjecture I've heard indicates that the shorter gas tube length should help with cycling. I don't have these barrels yet, but I'm working up some initial test loads to try.

Hopefully I'll get to the range in the next couple weeks and a range report will follow.

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