Thursday, December 11, 2008

Grand Opening Sale!

Bison Armory is now taking orders for 6.8 SPC Barrels. Our initial offering will be for either 20" or 18" barrels depending on customer demand. These barrels will meet the following specifications:
  • Barrels made by E.R. Shaw, the same maker of the Ko-Tonics/Cardinal Armory barrels

  • One contour, of which I'd go with either 18" or 20" whichever people are most interested in. I've had the old Ko-Tonics 18" barrel in the past and have another new one from Ko-Tonics/Cardinal and they are awesome. Easily under 1" at 100yds with the right load both for me and for friends who've tried it.

  • Stainless Steel

  • 1-11" twist, 4-groove

  • Barrel extension with M4 feedramps

  • Headspaced and Chambered (SAAMI-spec II)

  • Threaded muzzle 5/8"-24

Barrels are priced at $175 each. To keep costs down on this initial offering we're taking money-orders only. Email us with questions or pre-order requests at !


  1. Outstanding! Good to see another shop up and running. Saw you @ Kevin's place, looked in, saved you to my blogroll!