Sunday, June 13, 2010

Customer Pics

Some of our customers have sent in pics of their builds. We thought we'd share a few. First up, a 4-shot 100-yard group measuring 0.5 MOA:

This is a left-handed build that turned out well. The barrel extension is standard, not left, the upper does not have the M4 cuts, but apparently everything works very well:

This 20" barrel has the Ops Inc two-chamber muzzle brake with OD Green Gunkote:

Here's a beauty with a Mega billet side charging upper and Young Mfg side charging match carrier. The PRI carbon fiber forearms are some of our favorites. The Mega billet upper receiver is outstanding:

Last but not least for this post is a rifle based on receivers from Spike's Tactical. A Troy TRX Extreme 13" forearm completes the build with the 18" Bison SPR 6.8 SPC barrel:

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